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Because of pesticide and chemical use around the world, honey bees are dying.

About 1/2 of the honey bee population is gone.  Beekeepers are working to get the number of hives back up but it takes time and there is still the constant threat of the bees coming in contact with chemicals that will kill them.  Some new regulations in various countries around the world are either limiting the use of or entirely banning certain chemicals to stop things from getting worse.  Without bees, the effect on our food supply would be devastating, so we make every effort to save them to hives so they can continue pollinating, producing honey and living.

What made the bees come to my house?
Bees naturally swarm in the spring and summer months.  They like warm, dark quiet places, preferrably with a water and food source nearby.   The bees may be attracted to your pets water.  Try placing a bucket of water near the border of your property to draw the bees away from your pets.

Can't I just spray the bees with insectacide and kill them?
As a homeowner you can.  You can't eat the honey afterwards and the location of the removal must be completely sealed or another swarm will move back in in a very short period of time.  We never use chemicals.  Only licensed pest control companies can apply chemicals to kill bees.

Can I just seal up the hole the bees are coming in and out of?
If the bees are in a TREE, YES you can seal up the hole.  If the bees are in the walls or ceiling of your HOUSE the answer is NO!  Odds are they will find another hole and chew it until it's large enough to escape through and it may be inside your house.

Will a beekeeper repair the holes he has to make to remove a hive?
Arizona Bee Company and most other beekeepers will not repair any damage that may occur during the bee removal process. We are not equipped to do handymen work, but can refer excellent handymen if necessary.

I've had bees removed before but they keep coming back.
The hive should  be completely removed and the area sanitized to prevent reinfestation.  Removal of the comb, honey, etc., is a requirement, not an option.   The are the bees were in must be completely sealed up.  It only takes a 5/16 size hole for a bee to get in.

How do I know if they are africanized bees?
It's not possible to merely look at a bee and tell whether or not they are africanized.  How aggressive they are is a sure sign.  Africanized bees are VERY, VERY aggressive.  They will attack at the slightest provocation and they WILL NOT STOP!  If you even suspect that you might have Africanized Bees, do not attempt to approach them!  Call Arizona Bee Company and let the professionals handle it.

How much does it cost to have bees removed?
Circumstances vary greatly.  If the bees are out in the open, swarmed in a ball on a tree branch or other easily accessible area near the ground, often we do it for free.  If they are up in a tree, inside a tree, in the walls of a house or under a shed floor and we have to cut out to gain access the average charge is between $50 - $200 typically.  We ask that you take a few pic's of the area and text them to us so we have some idea what we are dealing with and what the charges might be.  Only upon first hand inspection can we be completely specific in most instances.